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We enjoy serving the community and are Veteran Owned and Operated. We have been in business since 2009. Our team are all Military Veterans and hold college degrees. We have clients in Lawrenceville, GA, and the rest of Gwinnett County, as well as, Atlanta, GA and with Remote support our clients come from all across the USA. We love our work and will work hard to earn your trust and keep your business.

Blue Screen of Death

One of the scariest things a computer user can get is the notorious Bluescreen of Death. Sometimes the possibilities are endless as to the cause, or sometimes it’s an easy fix.


Bluescreen issues can lockup or shut down your computer and you will lose valuable time and data using your computer for your home or business.

Office Network Setup

Your business is controlled by expertise and time. Proficiency is vital to your growth and prosperity. Give them a chance to keep on doing what they specialize in, and acquire us to do what we excel at: office network setup for home or small business. Trust Computer Repair Lawrenceville to be your office organize organization accomplice.


We are great at setting up small businesses, residential offices and work from home professionals. We can get each gadget in your office conversing with each other like old companions.

Windows Upgrades

Have you been thinki8ng about upgrading your windows? At Computer Repair Lawrenceville, we install all the most recent forms of the Windows. You can pick which rendition you feel will suit you best for your home or business needs.


Don’t be stuck in the past with an obsolete OS like Windows 98 or XP, we can convey you to the present situation with your PC with speed and effectiveness. We are experienced with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, and can help you find out about the new elements and contrasts which may make the redesign justified, despite all the trouble to you.

Wireless Networking

Setting up your remote system can be a bother, particularly on the off chance that you have new wireless gadgets, printers or different peripherals. At Computer Repair Lawrenceville, we are knowledgeable in all the most recent innovation and have the know-how to get you set up and moving. There is no remote gadget too enormous or too little for us to set up, and no issue excessively awesome or too little for us to unravel.


Discontinuous remote issues? Wireless association always dropping? Almost no flag in specific zones of the house? Don’t sweat it. We have seen it all, and know the best possible answer for each issue that you may have. Give us a chance to set up remote access for you. We will make a point to secure Wi-Fi access to shield from snooping outsiders, and have every one of your gadgets accepting signal before we take off.

Printer Installation

Setting up a printer? At Computer Repair Lawrenceville, we can have your printer up and running in the blink of an eye, and making them print out those essential reports well before they’re expected. We can even set up your home and office to work different PCs on one printer.


New printers frequently have Network and Wi-Fi printing, and in spite of the fact that this requires more work to set up, it can be to a great degree supportive for your home or office clients to print to other gadgets, even tablets or advanced mobile phones. Let Computer Repair Lawrenceville take the worry from your printer set up

Software Repairs

Whether from bloatware, scamware, driver clashes, or operating system, issues can emerge from anywhere when dealing with a computer. There is a heap of reasons why you might encounter a problem with lockups, or irregular shutdowns.


Programming issues are repetitive and tedious to attempt to determine, yet we have a lot of experience in taking care of a wide range of programming issues in Windows and Mac. We can make sense of what the cause is, and prescribe the best solution

Virus Removal

Adware, spyware, malware, fakeware, bloatware: it appears there’s a “product” for everything to harm your PC or Mac. At Computer Repair Lawrenceville, we will annihilate your PC’s infections, additionally show you how to be more persistent and safe with your PC or Mac.

ordinateur portable virus

We will set you up with an appropriate antivirus and make sure your PC or Mac is spotless. We will also give you our best suggestions for staying protected.

Remote IT Support


Sometimes you just don’t want to take your computer to the shop. Maybe the weather is bad, or you be away on vacation. Have no fear we can fix your computer no matter where you are located. Our team of techs can connect to your computer and fix issues like virus removal or slow PC and Mac.

Special Services

Your business is controlled by expertise and time. Proficiency is vital to your growth and prosperity. Give them a chance to keep on doing what they specialize in, and acquire us to do what we excel at


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